Graduation Photoshoot

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We all remembered our times at our graduation ceremony. I remembered during that time, I only had a film camera and thus did not have many memories of my graduation. Thus, I have put myself into ensuring that the photos I take for others to be a memorable one.

As always photos carry a lot of memories with them and with these memories, we can reminiscence them while looking at the photos. It was a reminder of how I used to be a university graduate or in my case a college graduate.

We all got used to seeing photos of people graduating and with the flying mortar hats or the fake book background shots that I decided that it is better to be different.

Unimas Graduation Main Hall

Making Yen as the subject and the background as the supporting role, it was a simple task but complicated by availability of lights and without a reflector, it was going to be a tough one to crack.

Sometimes taking photos of one’s pre or post graduation, just have to be a little bit creative. What does it meant by that? Well, soon you will find it out.

UniMAS Library Graduation Shot

Using the back light from the window sometimes product different settings for your camera and it helps light up certain dark angles from the front view of the camera. Some tips, have your model act naturally so you can get some natural spontaneous shots.

Sometimes we think too much of creating styles and concepts, we have forgotten that sometimes a well distanced and simple angle can make a photo beautiful.

Unimas Library Graduation Photo

Never be afraid to just take a simple outright portrait shot with your model. As seen above, it looks like a simple portrait shot though there are some rules which Daniel follows. I usually do not include the whole subject into the frame. That can be witnessed by looking at the photo above. Yen was very comfortable taking this shot and soon we proceeded to the outer courts.

Unimas Graduation Outside

A simple lens like the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D can also be used to take shots like the above. As it was a little bit sunny at the background, this is where the opportunity to take shots like this arrive. Not so hot, not so dark, just nice. No unwanted shadows.

Now wanting to waste this opportunity, how about a final photo to portray the happiness of finally graduating from studies and getting that last wanted degree.

Unimas Graduation Courtyard Concept Shot

Thank you Yen for the shots and UNIMAS in Kuching, Sarawak for the splendid university you have to take photos.

Model: Yen

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